September 21.-23. 2018: please look forward to the fifth busker-festival "Straßen.Kunst.Festival" in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the historical Ludwigstreet.


We got 222 appiclations from all over the world and invited some great artists from 13 countries to the StraKuFe 2018. They will come from Germany and Austria, also from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Chile, Mexico, India, ... (Artists 2018)


HAT MONEY - no dough, no show

With free entry we offer international performing art- streetshows at their best!


The artists invited get travel-expenses, accommodation, ... from the city, but their FEE they get directly from the spectators.  They rely on your hopefully generous donations into their hat. So if you like a show, don't forget: the applause is a very important motivation for the artists, but their income is, what you give into their hat.